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News Update 2011 Season begins in April

The race season has begun!

More earlier race reports when we receive them from our riders

12 hours of the wild west :)

What can we say except the power duo of Ken Boyer and Sara Delano won the men & women's solo division.

Ken had a battle from the start and his young gun rival never let up. Ken finally took the win not knowing his younger competitor had some minor mechanicals towards the end and we guess he called it. Ken fought hard so you never know until the end where you stand. We are proud of Ken for putting the hammer down and taking the win!

Now for Sara she lapped the field and let her fitness do the talking..and it did! she won by a couple of laps, Nice work Sara!! She is looking strong this year and we are very proud of her

Thanks to the Sponsors Stans No Tubes, Maxxis, Swiftwick,Ergon, Rudy project and Bach Builders!

The first endurance race of the season was the 12 hours of Mesa Verde.

Josh Tostado took the men's solo win with 8 laps and as usual took the lead early and set a high pace. This is pretty typicall for Josh as he likes to set a good pace from the start.

Josh thanks his sponsors for all their help

Santa Cruz, Stans No Tubes, Maxxis, Swiftwick,Ergon,Schimano pro, and of course Bach Builders!

Jessica Bernstien also raced in the duo womens and eneded up with 6th place. Nice work Jessica! Hope to post a picture of her soon!

She is a strong SS racer..watch out you SS she is coming on strong this year!

Keith Collins takes 2nd place in the Winter Park hill climb in his age division!

Breck 100

Josh Tostado takes 2nd place. After a 6 year winning streak Josh had a hard fight on his hands this year as the field was stacked of talented riders!

Jeff and Josh fought it out untill Jeff Schalk attacked on Indiana going up to Boreas pass. Josh gained some time back going into Komo on the gold dust trail but the attack by Jeff was enough to take the win. Attacking Josh is something that well...has to be a great caculated move and Jeff Schalk played his attack perfectly. Josh gave it everything he had and we are proud on his effort, I know he will probably be back to get number 7!




Stay tuned for upcoming events!


2010 Race season

Josh Tostado brings home the men's open 24 hour solo National Championship in Moab. Josh is the 2x men's solo National Champion.

Josh Tosatdo wins the Breck 100 for the 6th consecutive year!

Fran Bach wins 24 hours of the enchanted Forrest Single Speed solo

Jessica Bernstient takes 4th place @ the National cross country championships in womens single speed!

More updates to be posted....

Past race seasons:

2009 Race season

News Update October 13th

Two new National Champions are awarded the stars and stripe jerseys..

Josh Tostado, mens open solo 24 hour National Champion

Dax Massey, mixed Duo 24 hour National Champion

News Update
July 19th

Videos click here - awards Breck 100

Josh wins his 5th consecutive Breck 100

Erika places 3rd for the women's solo 100

Bobbi 1st in her age group for the Breck 68

Great job to all racers!!

News Update June 25th

Nice work at Big Bear & congratulations!


Race blog http://joshtostado.com/home/index.php


Race blog http://erikatieszen.wordpress.com/

News Update
Teva games in Vail Colorado
Bobbi Bensman

Bobbi competed in the women's expert cross country race. She finished 18th in a tough field of expert women.

Well if that was not enough Bobbi also won the masters women climbing division.

Nice work

News Update June 4th- Original growler race report coming soon
Dax Massey wearing the stars and stripes, he earned those by winning the men's national open duo in WI

Dax ended up taking 1st place in the rain and mud so nice work

Mountain Flyer Magazine race report http://www.mountainflyer.com/news.cfm?itemid=214

Josh Tostado at the Mohican 100 NUE seies-


Josh finished 13th almost in the top 10.
He was in a chase group 1 minute behind the leading group.

His group somehow missed a turn and lost valuable time and the race soon became a solo chase for Josh trying to gain back time to the lead group.

In such a talented field of riders Josh did great.

Good luck at Big Bear Josh we will be watching the live updates!

Time to eat

News update
may 11th -12 hours of Dirt sweat & gears

Race interview http://www.cyclingdirt.org/videos/play/178129/coverage/234968

Josh T

Josh Tosatdo was ready to race but due to some *terrible riding conditions*
& mechanical problems the race soon came to an end. This race course was so bad many racers DNF.
The 12 hour riding event soon turned into a hike a bike for every lap.
Josh was in second place right from the start and decided as many other racers to call it a day.
When they race at this level it is not an easy decision to DNF

Cycling news article

News update may 11th 12 hours of Mesa Verde
Erika T

had a good race from her report. Erika placed 2 for solo women

Race report

Neil Miner & Lisse De guard also competed in the men's & womens solo division.

Hope to see some pictures soon from the race from Neil & Lisse

Nice work

Andy Wenburg also competed in the men's solo division.
Andy came in 16th out of 53 racers.

News update -MSC series race number 1# is in the books so to speak
Jordan Williford raced this weekend in the pros men division!! congrats on your pro debut

Jordan Williford

Jordan came in 17th in a Time Trial while fighting through a cold and being sick as a dog, no cross country race the next day for him.

Time to rest and get better.

Jordan is also Bach Builders representative for ordering parts, now that's dedication to the team.

Thanks for all of your hard work to the team.


News update-
24 hours of Old Pueblo
Jordan & Jeff

24 Hours of old pueblo- Jordan and Jeff pulled out the win for the men's open Duo with 20 laps. Nice work guys!

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