Recently we have completed a (pop top addition in Boulder)
We also added a new front entry.
This siding has a 1/8 gap that keeps moisture away from the siding. This is called a rain screen design
Green building benifits
We had all of our exterior framing on 2' centers
You use up to less than 20% of lumber with simple changes like this.
It also gives more insulation value per cavity.
No interior standard moulding, we used a clean sheetrock bullnose detail "no wood products"
We kept track of all watse and recycled wood products where applicable
Supported local distrubters and suppliers, this saves on carbon footprint. It means savings in overall trasportation costs of goods and gas to transport.
These are only some simple ways that do not cost much but are effective


General information about our project

Siding material Ghost wood Supplied by Rocky Mountain Forest Products
Windows Sierra Pacific Windows
Pergola Ghost wood Black Bannack

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